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Frankie Body Scrub
Frankie Body Scrub

Frankie Body Scrub

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Coffee | Vanilla | Magnesium

What cant this scrub do?! Loaded with Magnesium to help aliveate sore muscles, skin conditions, irritations & fluid retention, Organic Australian Coffee adds antioxidants to help boost skins elasticity reducing the signs of aging, cellulite, stretch marks & scaring. With velvety Vanilla Bean infused oils adding a nice warming touch. This one is for those who love a little more from their body scrubs.


To Use: Our scrubs are made using a unique blend of oils, fats, salts, plant extracts & clays this creates a more "firm" scrub in meaning they appear & feel more solid in the jar, simply grab a small handful & work into a damp body in circular motions focusing on more trouble areas such as bum, thighs, arms etc. Rinse off immediently OR for best results leave on for 5 minutes or so then rinse off.


Please note these are intended for body use only & are not recommended for face. Patch test prior to use, if irritation occurs stop use & if symptoms persist seek medical advise.

500gm Glass Jar (return & refil option available soon) 

Ingredients; Sea salt, Himalayan salt, epsom salt, magnesium cholride, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter, kaolin clay, organic australian coffee, vanilla bean.





All Nalu products are made using high quality, natural ingredients. Vegan friendly, chemical & additive free, organic,  & cruelty free.
We recommend patch testing all products 1st as allergic reactions may occur. 
Our products do contain nut products & oils, so it is not recommended use if you have a nut allergies. It’s not uncommon for products to seperate if this occurs simply give a little shake until products mix. If balms appear to have melted in hotter monthys, stir with a clean spoon & place in the fridge to set. If sediment appears do not shake product. Natural products with no added synthetics will need a little extra care & it is best to keep out of direct sunlight, in a cooler place & stop use after 6 months unless stated otherwise.