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Ingredients - All Nalu Skin ingredients are sourced locally & are 100% vegan friendly with minimal harm to the environment as possible. Our Essential Oils are of therapeutic grade, we have age recommendations on most essential oil products but as a rule & to be safe its best to steer clear under the age of 10 . A big portion of items ARE made with nut products so please always read ingredients lists 1st. If you require a special blend or a nut-free alternative please message us. Any other questions don't hesitate to ask, you can find our contact details on our 'Contact Us' page. Please ALWAYS patch test 1st & if irritation occurs stop use & seek medical advise.

Patch Testing - We highly recommend Patch Testing before using any Nalu Skin products. This is for your safety to rule out any unknown allergies &/or irritations. We pride ourselves on using natural products but sometimes people can have allergic reactions to essential oils &/or ingredients they have never used before. To conduct a proper & thorough patch test you will need to use the product as directed but only on a small part of skin either on wrist or the side of neck as this skin is a little softer & will be more susceptible to rashes & irritations. For essential oil based products if no visible irritations occur after a few hours of patch testing then product is safe to use. For all other skincare products if no irritations occur after several minutes then product is safe to use. If an irritation does occur wash product off immediately, applying cold plain yougurt to area for 15 minutes then rinsing can ease rashes but if symptoms persist &/or worsen seek medical advise. Note; with products containing Clays, Spa Minerals and sometimes Charcoal it is common for the skin to feel a little itchy & become pink, this isn't something to be alarmed over but if it becomes uncomfortable wash product off immediately.

Packaging - We try and be as waste cautious as we can here at Nalu Skin & while we know some packaging isn't recyclable most are. All our Glass & Plastic are fully recyclable or reusable, and we are even more than happy to refill your empty containers at a fraction of the cost. Postage packaging, well we love a good fancy wrapped parcel but we try and be a little more eco-friendly, practical & minimal with this stage so please don't be disappointed when your postie drops off a plain box with minimal fancy-ness, we guarantee there is plenty of love in the products by the time you use them you would have forgotten the brown kraft paper it was wrapped in!

Shipping - We currently only ship to Aus & NZD. Shipping rates are calculated at checkout based on weight of order. Product fulfillment usually takes 3-7 business days with delivery usually 1-5 business days depending on location & your local post office. If you have not received your order within 10 days after we have posted we will do our best to locate your items but please note, once it has been shipped we cant be held responsible for lost items. No refunds will be made for lost in shipping but we will do our very best to work with you to help resolve. Local Pick Up for our Free local pick up option at checkout please be advised we will do our best to contact you within a day or two to discuss pick up time etc however if we have yet to contact you after 3 days of placing order then please CONTACT US. Note; We do our very best to ensure all our customers are responded to promptly & sufficiently. If you do have any questions regarding your order please always contact us. 

Refunds - We do not offer refunds for change of mind or almost empty products. If a product is found to be faulty a full refund will be issued at return of item. If an allergic reaction occurs after a patch test a full refund will be issued at return of product. If an allergic reaction occurs after continuous use of product a solution will be discussed and a partial if not, full refund will be issued. Please contact us via our 'Contact Us' page to discuss any problems or issues you may have.