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About Us!

Nalu Skin is a small handmade skincare business located on the south coast of Oz . Using 100% pure, plant based ingredients to treat things such as acne, psoriasis, itchy skin & more.

Ash, the owner & creator behind Nalu, started this brand after years of creating her own products for not only herself but also friends and family. After having her 1st child and taking notice of the sorts of chemicals & unnecessary synthetic ingredients big brands packed into their products, it was time she finally followed her dream & started her own brand not only to create & make new exciting products but to help educate people on the things they put onto their skin, in turn into their bodys & blood stream and how Plant Based, Minimal products do just the same if not better. She started slowly with simple products & is now creating a wide range of body & skincare products for the whole family.

Did you know it takes roughly 30 seconds for a product to saturate skin & enter the blood stream? If that product is full of nasty chemicals & preservatives then that means all those chemicals will very quickly be running through your body, Now, imagine that for a young child. Babies and children need very little in the way of skincare, a good cleanser a healing salve for things such as cuts, rashes etc, and thats about it.

Minimal, Chemical Free, Vegan Skincare. Pure & what nature intended.

If your ever unsure & need to ask any questions please dont hesitate to send us a message, we love hearing from you & helping you find the right products for you.





Ash xx