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Active Teeth Whitener || Powder

Active Teeth Whitener || Powder

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Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener, weird right?... But go figure, it actually works!!

Activated charcoal comes from discarded coconut shells burnt down & ground up into a fine powder and it is proven to remove stains from teeth as well as many other fab uses for skin & body. 

Use this amazing wonder powder after brushing to assist in removing stains caused from coffee, tea, smoking, wine etc.

 This product is to be used in conjunction to regular toothpaste & your usual oral care routine.

Comes in a 50gm screw lid PET fully recyclable tub. *Toothbrush sold separately.

To use simply dampen a toothbrush and dip into powder, tap off excess & brush teeth for 1-2mins before rinsing mouth throughly.

Ingredients - 100% activated coconut charcoal




All Nalu products are made using high quality, natural ingredients. Vegan friendly, chemical & additive free, organic,  & cruelty free.
We recommend patch testing all products 1st as allergic reactions may occur.
Our products do contain nut products & oils, so it is not recommended use if you have a nut allergy.                                 It’s not uncommon for products to seperate if this occurs simply give a little shake until products mix. If balms appear to have melted in hotter monthys, stir with a clean spoon & place in the fridge to set. If sediment appears do not shake product. Natural products with no added synthetics will need a little extra care & it is best to keep out of direct sunlight, in a cooler place & stop use after 6 months unless stated otherwise.